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Chronicles of the Stars is a roleplay group that's dedicated to the roleplay of the same name. Throughout this wiki, characters, events, species, and general lore will be categorized and documented.

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Chronicles of the Stars is about the story of five galactic nations, each wildly different than the other, yet each is forced to attempt to cooperate with one-another. At current, the roleplay takes place on a frontier world, Jehetma, a world full of dangerous wildlife, rich in history, and overflowing with natural resources. Each nation wishes to colonize and extract their share, yet each is so far unwilling to cooperate with one-another.

In this roleplay, you will design your character with nearly unlimited creative freedom. Be they an ex-con trying to make a new life for themselves, escaped Azochian Gene-slave, or an adventurer with a pocket full o' dreams, and so so much more, it's all up to you. Welcome to Jehetma!

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